WWE 2K23: How to Turn On Blood

If wrestling is fake, explain the blood in WWE 2K23.

If wrestling is fake, explain the blood in WWE 2K23.
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Knowing how to turn on blood in WWE 2K23 will make your matches more realistic. It will also let you prove the doubters wrong and show beyond doubt that wrestling isn’t fake. Selecting the option is easy, even if it’s buried under all of the game’s other customization choices. Strangely, you won’t have to enable this setting to play First Blood matches. 

How to Enable Blood in WWE 2K23

The WWE 2K23 blood option can be turned on with a simple trip to the Options menu. Go to: 

  • Options
  • Gameplay
  • Scroll down to Blood (below the option for Post Match Run-In)
  • Turn blood On 

With that done, you’ll be able to spill blood in all matches, not just extreme types like First Blood. If you want to turn the setting off, simply follow the instructions above and turn the setting to Off.

You can’t turn blood on or off while in a match, so you’ll have to go to Options from the main menu each time you want to tweak the setting. 

How to Make Wrestlers Bleed Their Own Blood

It’s actually quite difficult to spill blood in WWE 2K23. With the setting turned on, I’ve gone whole matches without any blood appearing, no matter how hard I’ve tried. As you may expect, using weapons like chairs, bats, and sledgehammers increase the odds of turning another wrestler’s face crimson, but it’s not guaranteed. 

In regular matches, you’re most likely to spill blood when your opponent’s red vitality bar gets very low and when hitting them with heavy attacks. In something like First Blood, it’s likely to happen more quickly because of the match type. 

A Note on First Blood Matches

Interestingly, you don’t have to enable blood to create a First Blood match in WWE 2K23 custom matches. The funny thing is that matches will just end without any crimson making an appearance. 

We’ve got a guide going over how to create a First Blood match here if you’re curious. 

And that’s all you need to know if you’re wondering how to turn on blood in WWE 2K23. For more, click the link above or head over to our WWE 2K23 guides hub here.

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