XDefiant: How to Fix Can’t Find Match

If you keep getting the Can't Find Match error in XDefiant, here are some thing you can do to get in game.

If you’re failing to find a lobby in XDefiant, it could be more than lack of players queuing up to play. A frustrating issue, failing to get into a match means you can’t play the game. Here’s what you can do to find a match and get playing in XDefiant.

Why You Can’t Find a Match

There can be a few reasons you can’t find a match in XDefiant. It could be related to server connectivity due to stress and overload. It could be your internet connection. It could also be issues with crossplay, aside from being unable to invite your friends into your party.

Is There a Fix for Can’t Find a Match

With a variety of causes, pinning down how to solve the problem can be tricky. Most of these issues start on the Ubisoft side and will need them to address it for a fix to occur. However, there are a few solutions you can try to get into a match.

  • Check the XDefiant Server Status: Head to their official twitter account for server updates to see if the servers may be down.
  • Restart the game: This can often fix connectivity issues.
  • Restart your PC
  • Check your internet connection: Double check your internet to ensure your service hasn’t gone down.
  • Restart your Router: Sometimes your router needs a restart to improve performance.
  • Submit a Ticket: If the above doesn’t work, you should submit a ticket via the XDefiant known issues board and wait for an official fix from Ubisoft.

Those are some potential fixes to help you find a match and get sniping opponents in Ubisoft’s XDefiant. If you’re suffering from additional errors or bugs, or just want to look over a guns tier list, check out our guide library.

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