Our Xenoblade Chronicles Giant's Key quest walkthrough guide makes navigating Satorl Marsh a breeze.

Xenoblade Chronicles Giant’s Key Quest Walkthrough

Our Xenoblade Chronicles Giant's Key quest walkthrough guide makes navigating Satorl Marsh a breeze.

One of the many quests you can run across in Satorl Marsh is the Xenoblade Chronicles giant’s key quest. It’s part of a quest chain involving the Nopon merchants and the Exile Fortress that eventually leads you to some good rewards. You’ll also face-off against unique monsters along the way.

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But Satorl Marsh isn’t exactly the easiest place to navigate, even with the Definitive Edition’s map improvements. Below, we go over where to find the giant’s key, strategies for defeating Deluded Ignas, where to use the key, and what you get as a reward for completing the quest. 

Xenoblade Chronicles Giant’s Key Quest Walkthrough

The map location for the giant's key in Xenoblade Chronicles.

When you arrive at the map location above — on the western side of Satorl Marsh  it means you’ve already rescued Kacha from the Exile Fortress and triggered the giant’s key quest. The next thing to do is find the Deluded Ignas Kacha that guards the giant’s key.

Travel to the Silent Obelisk landmark and make your way to the western side of the Exile Fortress. If you haven’t found that landmark yet, go to the Glowing Obelisk instead and follow the river to the west. Stick to the river until you’re even with the northern edge of the Exile Fortress, and then go south.

Here, it’s best to enlarge the map by pressing the left stick. Go between the northwest corner of the Fortress and the incline on the map, indicated with the red arrow on the above image. Follow the path until it goes into a small cave. The Deluded Ignas are on the other side of the cave.

How to Defeat the Deluded Ignas

Each Deluded Ignas is Level 25, but you have to fight them all at once. You’ll want to be at least Level 27 or Level 28 before fighting them — especially if you plan on challenging the unique monster Reckless Godwin (Level 31) in the throne room later in the giant’s key quest.

Dunban is an elusive tank and gives you better control over debuffs. Make sure Sharla provides buffs and healing. If you’re tackling the quest later in Xenoblade Chronicles, bring Melia for attacks, healing, and buffs.

Once you’ve cleared out the Deluded Ignas, head to the quest marker near the left-most tree, and you’ll find the giant’s key.

Where to Use the Giant’s Key

The key unlocks a door at the Wall of Sin. The Wall of Sin is the wall behind the throne in Exile Fortress throneroom. 

You can try to creep around Reckless Godwin or, if you’re brave and well-equipped, go ahead and challenge him. Either way, examine the wall, and you’ll open a path leading to the Exile Fortress’ roof.

Once you’ve examined the altar on the roof, go back to Kacha to finish the quest. Doing so gives you some decent rewards, but it also unlocks the next leg of the quest chain, which is considerably more straightforward.

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That’s it for the Xenoblade Chronicles giant’s key quest walkthrough. Luckily, the Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch has a much better map than the 3DS or Wii versions of the game. For more tips and tricks, as well as other related Xenoblade content, be sure to check out the links above! 

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