Our Yakuza: Like A Dragon Cat Locations guide puts you on the fast track to riches in the Part-Time Hero quest.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Cat Locations Guide

Our Yakuza: Like A Dragon Cat Locations guide puts you on the fast track to riches in the Part-Time Hero quest.
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Ichiban Kasuga is determined to be a hero, and part of being a hero means finding all of Yakuza Like A Dragon’s lost cats. Literally. One of the quests in the Part-Time Hero line is finding all of Hiro’s lost cats. It takes you all over Yokohama, but you’ll want to make time for it because the reward is fantastic. 

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Finding the first nine earns Ichiban one million yen. A second quest opens up right afterward and tasks you with finding a tenth cat, which earns you another one million yen.

If that’s got you drooling so much where you can’t be bothered hunting down cats, never fear. Our Yakuza: Like A Dragon cat locations guide is here to help.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Cat Locations Guide

Unlike many of the Part-Time Hero quests, “Please Find My Cat” won’t unlock automatically.

After starting the Part-Time Hero line, go back to the Brave Cafe. Speak with Hiro to learn about his cats. As you’re leaving, Hiro calls you. All his cats have vanished. It’s your job to be Hiro’s hero and bring them home.

There’s no set order you have to find the cats in. The only thing of note is the second Hamakita Park cat, the one circled in the above image. That’s cat 10, Robson, and they won’t be available until you report the first quest and trigger “Please Find My Cat 2.”

Bar District Cat

The Bar District cat is south of Survive Bar, where you establish your base in Chapter Four. Go south towards the LEDA sign, and you’ll run into a big stone sculpture. To the right of that sculpture is a doorway, and that’s where the cat is.

Sunrise Street Cat

There’s a cat outside Ichiban’s apartment, just catting about on top of a washing machine. In case you forgot where Ichi lives, it’s on Sunrise Street, south of the Bar District.

Misaki Street Parking Garage Cat/Commercial District

Go to Kan-Ban’s parking garage on Misaki Street, the place where you first completed the can-collecting minigame. Then make your way up to the second floor. There’s a blue car near the railings, and you’ll find the cat lurking behind it.

Jinnai Service Road Cat

Go to West Jinnai Station on the Jinnai Service Road. There’s a parking lot near the station, behind some fences, and a gap in the fence to the right. Go through there, and you’ll find kitty on a dumpster.

West Carriage Highway Cat/North Jinnai Station

Head to the batting center in the North Jinnai Station district. Go past the court to the back of the area, and you’ll find a cat between two buildings, hanging out near some shrubbery.

Bayside Street Cat/East Jinnai Station

This cat is lounging around outside the retirement center near Bayside Street and Daikokuten Street, directly across from the Ounabara Vocational School. The cat is on top of a green electrical box near an outside corner of the retirement center.

Restaurant Row Cat

Go to Restaurant Row’s Ijin Street, to the Zhou Long Distribution weapon shop. Walk down the alley near the store, and at the end is another alley branching off to the right. You’ll find a cat in that branching alley.

Chinatown Alley Cat

There’s a cat in Chinatown, which is a dangerous place to be if you’re a low-level Ichi. Whether you hold off ‘til later or brave through it, go down the alley southeast of the word “Chinatown” on your in-game map. Kitty is on the low wall between shops, watching the world go by (or watching you get stomped if you’re unlucky).

Hamakita Park Cat

Near the Flowers 2 Go stall in Hamakita Park is a drinking fountain. The cat is underneath it.

Robson — Please Find My Cat 2

The final cat, Robson, is also in Hamakita Park. You’ll first need to report the initial “Please Find My Cat” to Hiro.

After getting your million yen, Hiro asks you to find his first cat. Back to Hamakita Park you go, this time to the upper right part of it. Robson is perched on a light lining the winding path there.

Return to Hiro, and you’ll receive an additional one million yen for your kindness.

That’s it for our Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon cat locations guide for the Part-Time Hero quest. Be sure to check out our other Yakuza: Like A Dragon guides, and if this was helpful, consider giving it a like and share!

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