Simple picture walkthrough for finding Galleon Galaxy's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.

Yooka-Laylee Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writers & More Location Guide

Simple picture walkthrough for finding Galleon Galaxy's Ghost Writers, Power Booster, Butterfly Booster, and Mollycool.
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Galleon Galaxy is Yooka-Laylee‘s final world, and the challenges it poses are the most difficult of them all. Finding all of its collectibles takes a keen eye and perseverance.

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This walkthrough guide will cover how to collect this world’s Butterfly Booster, Mollycool, Power Extender, and Ghost Writers, with images and descriptions of the tasks at hand. This is a weird world to get around, so I try my best here to guide you through it without spoiling much.

This guide does not cover this world’s Pagies, Quills, or secret collectible. But the items it does cover should be of help. You do not need to expand Galleon Galaxy to get its Power Extender, Yellow Ghost Writer, Pink Ghost Writer, or Blue Ghost Writer.


This is one world where transforming is absolutely necessary, and it’s one of the few things you can do before you expand. So you’ve got to get it quickly.

After you’ve flown across the gap from the entrance, make a right and go all the way up the slope (and be careful not to roll into the electric barriers).

There’s a structure at the top with a Pagie inside that you should definitely get. But if you’re looking for the Mollycool, all you need to do is fly to the top of the structure from the outside and grab it. (Not pictured below, but it’s atop this structure.)

Butterfly Booster

This is definitely one of the trickier ones to see, from start to finish.

Once you expand Galleon Galaxy, a number of islands and buildings open up. The one you’re looking for to find the Butterfly Booster is at the far end of the world with an orange dome building.

There are two entrances to this building, and luckily you’re going to want to go into the one that doesn’t require you to transform to open it up. The entrance you want to use is the one that is on the second floor and to the side. It’s hard to see but circled below.

Once inside you must complete the obstacles to get a Pagie — but don’t start heading toward the exit just yet. There’s a small hole you can fly up to collect this world’s Butterfly Booster. The hole is circled in the image below.

Fly on in and it’s yours to collect.

Power Extender

Getting this Power Extender may be the biggest source of frustration in the game.

First you need to transform into the boat and navigate toward the back of the island where the D.N. Ray is located, so you can destroy an asteroid covering a cave. The image below shows the cave location, but not the asteroid that was there prior. (Image is post-expansion so there is a bridge here, but there isn’t one pre-expansion).

Make your way across the Cosmic Cavern. Flying is the easiest method.

In the next room, turn right to see a red force field. You’ll have to get through it and the subsequent ones using Sonar Shield.

Inside the rotating cylinder is where things get tricky. It’s very easy to die inside of the cylinder. The Power Extender can be reached on top of the rod in the middle, which is difficult to get to since it’s rotating and the camera seems to be working against you in this segment.

Your best bet is to stand on one of the beams on the side until it’s moving upward and starts to be horizontal, then run out onto the rod in the middle to grab the Power Extender.

That was harder work than I’d like to admit.

Ghost Writers

The Yellow Ghost Writer

This little guy is hiding out near the level entrance. When you come out of the tome look to the right to see a small path aside from the main one where you fly to the rest of the level. The “main” route is to the left and the one you need to go to the right in the image below

Here you’ll find a small meteor obstacle area, and at the end is the Yellow Ghost Writer.

The Pink Ghost Writer

Once you fly over to the “real” start of this world, look for a short ramp across from Vendi to find a cracked glass widow. Use Reptile Rush to shatter the window and go on through.

The Pink Ghost Writer will be inside, right next to the bomb plant you need to eat to feed it. How convenient!

The Blue Ghost Writer

The giggly Blue Ghost Writer is really big on throwing you for a loop with its laughing. Sometimes it’s just a bit off.. and you end up throwing Sonar Shots around like you’ve got nothing better to do.

This one’s much the same way, but getting to it is very easy.

The image below shows the structure you need to head over to in the distance, but don’t worry about the glowing asteroid in the way. You should be able to fly by now, and you can fly right over. (Note: You do need to destroy the rocks via transformation to do the puzzle in this area and get Quills + Pagie).

The Blue Ghost Writer can be found at the top of the structure, despite hearing its giggles below. Sonar Shot it to make it come out and collect it up.

The Green Ghost Writer

You’ve got to get this one via this world’s transformation. If you haven’t gotten the Mollycool yet, scroll up to find out where it is, grab it, and then it’s time to hunt this one down.

The image below shows where you need to steer over to, from the transformation point.

Once there you have to melt the asteroids circled to reveal the Green Ghost Writer and then chase it down as the boat to collect it. The image below doesn’t show the Ghost Writer unfortunately, just the asteroids up close.

The Red Ghost Writer

This is the hardest to find in Galleon Galaxy, and can be easy to miss completely. First head inside the Black Hole-in-One.

Once inside, turn your camera up and left to see the UFO-like structure pictured below.

Fly up to the top of it and look down to see the Red Ghost Writer inside. Don’t let the air inside push you around too much.

That wraps up these collectibles in Galleon Galaxy. If you’re still trying to hunt down some in other worlds, feel free to check out my other similar guides for them:

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