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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Beat the Flux Construct 3 Boss in TotK

Here's how to beat Flux Construct 3 in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Flux Construct 3 boss is just one kind of powerful enemy you’ll face in Hyrule. They come in three varieties, aptly named 1, 2, and 3. The higher their number, the more health they have and the more damage they do. They’ll also have more mechanics you’ll need to deal with to defeat them. The TotK Flux Construct 3 boss is the hardest and trickiest I’ve faced, and I’ll tell you how to beat it in this guide.

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How to Defeat Flux Construct 3 in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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We’ve already covered how to beat Flux Construct 1, and I found that many of the same strategies apply to the fight against Flux Construct 3. There are some key differences, though.

TotK Flux Construct 3 Boss Fight Tips

The biggest thing you need to know about the TotK Flux Construct 3 boss fight is that the core you can damage moves.

Every version of this boss has a single, green-glowing core, and that’s the only part you can damage. The core in this variant moves every 10 seconds or so, making it almost impossible to pin down. But you have a secret weapon: Ultrahand. With Ultrahand, you can grab the core and pry it loose, giving you about 15 seconds of free damage.

You can also remove any of the other blocks that make up the Construct’s body. However, the moment it reassembles after a damage phase, all the blocks will return to their places. Remember that dealing enough damage to the core can also cause the Construct to fall apart, which you’ll need to do for many attacks and forms.

All Flux Construct 3 Attacks and Strategies in Tears of the Kingdom

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The TotK Flux Construct 3 boss uses many of the same attacks as the other variations of this enemy, but it switches things up enough to be annoying. Here are all the attacks (and their changes) you can expect.

Slam Rush

The boss’ opener, this attack separates into component blocks, and Flux Construct 3 rushes toward you. It slams its “hands” into the ground. Run to the side to avoid the damage, then rush back to the core as it recovers on the ground. Flux Construct 3’s version of this attack is incredibly fast, and while you still have time to get away, you’ll need to be quicker on your feet this time.

Hand Slam

At close- to mid-range, the boss will raise its right arm and slam down its “hand” in a slightly-less powerful attack than the Slam Rush. The windup is pretty long, and the arm stays embedded in the ground, so if the core is in that arm, it’ll be easier to grab.


If Flux Construct 3 reforms with you near its feet, it will stomp three or four times, creating a small shockwave like the slam rush. As before, you can avoid the attack by running away. The Construct can’t move too quickly while stomping, so you can grab or attack the core freely if you keep your distance.


The Flux Construct 3 flies into the sky, forming a platform that throws blocks at you for a frankly ridiculous amount of damage (this attack is really annoying). What’s more, it also has two variations:

  • One version shoots five of its blocks simultaneously.
  • The other version does so in a sequence.

The sequence attack is easy to dodge: just run to one side until it’s fired all five projectiles. The simultaneous attack is much more difficult to avoid, I found.

The simultaneous blocks have a minor but still noticeable amount of tracking. I died more times than I’d like to admit figuring out that you can dodge this attack the same way as the sequence. The key is that you’ll need to be much quicker about it. You could also run far enough away to let the blocks go around you. In either case, use Spring Zonain devices to get airborne and attack from above.


The Flux Construct 3 collects itself into a giant cube and slowly rolls toward you. This attack isn’t dangerous from a distance, but it will one-shot you up close. The boss also tends to roll much faster as a block, so you’ll need to do more to keep a distance between the two of you.

Hopefully, you have a better grasp of how to beat Flux Construct 3 in Tears of the Kingdom. For more on this massive game, check out our guides on how to use Stone Talus Hearts, how to upgrade and repair weapons with Octoroks, and more in our TotK guides hub.

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