Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — How to Fast Travel in TotK

Tears of the Kingdom gives more fast travel options than Breath of the Wild.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fast travel is one of the best ways to get around the Sky Islands, Hyrule, and the Depths — unless you’ve made an awesome hovercraft or plane, that is. As you explore various Shrines, villages, and other points of interest, you may be wondering if you can get around faster. The good news is you can teleport from A to B (to C and beyond). Our guide below will tell how to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom. There are a few different ways.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ll unlock more traditional TotK fast travel in the game’s tutorial area. This long section sees you completing four Shrines across the Sky Islands to open the door at the Temple of Time. Near the end of The Closed Door quest, Rauru will give you the ability to teleport around the map so that you can zip over to the Nachoya Shrine and complete the questline.

TotK Fast Travel Method 1: Shrines

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This initial form of Tears of the Kingdom fast travel works mechanically the same way it does in Breath of the Wild. You can fast travel by opening up your map and selecting any of the fast travel points you’ve unlocked, many of which will be Shrines. You can teleport to any point from anywhere on the map — unless you’re in a dungeon.

To unlock a Shrine for travel, you don’t have to complete it. Instead, all you must do is activate it to open the entrance and activate the travel point. Whenever I see a Shrine that I can get to, I make sure to check in just for the fast travel point. Even if I don’t intend on doing the Shrine at that very moment, having more fast travel points is always good — especially in the early goings. All you have to do is walk in and walk out.

While Shrines are a familiar way of zipping around for those who played Breath of the Wild, there are also other options for fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Skyview Towers
  • Lightroots
  • Travel Medallions

Tears of the Kingdom Fast Travel Method 2: Skyview Towers

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Another mode of fast travel is using Tears of the Kingdom‘s version of towers. This time around, though, you don’t actually have to scale these towers to unlock the area on your map. Instead, Skyview Towers will launch you into the air and give you a better vantage point of Hyrule than any Sheikah Tower.

After you’ve activated a Skyview Tower once, it will be unlocked as a fast travel point from there on out. Due to the multi-purpose usefulness of these towers, I recommend you track as many of them down as early as you can.

Fast Travel Method 3: How to Teleport with Lightroots

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This TotK teleport method is similar to traveling to the others, except in the Depths area. In this dark world beneath Hyrule, there are no Shrines. Instead, you’ll need to discover Lightroots to illuminate your surroundings and — most importantly — activate fast travel points.

Once you’ve encountered one Lightroot, you’ll be able to teleport to it in the Depths via your map at any point in the game. As you explore the Depths, you’ll find more Lightroots. Interacting with them shows the nearby area on your map and heals your Gloom-damaged hearts. Neatly, these are the inverse of Shrines, so if there’s a Shrine above, there’s a Lightroot below.

Fast Travel Method 4: Teleporting With Travel Medallions

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Eventually, you’ll get access to up to three Travel Medallions that allow you to place Fast Travel points in any area you wish. To get this extremely useful Purah Pad upgrade, find Hateno Village and locate Robbie’s Research Lab. You can do so by following our Hateno Village guide

Once you’ve made it to Robbie’s workshop, he’ll give you a quest to retrieve the Travel Medallion Prototype from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. The lab is found in the northeastern corner of the map at the following coordinates: (4505, 3144, 0245). Be prepared to fight some Yiga Clan members to get the goods. 

Return this Prototype to Robbie, and he’ll give you your first Travel Medallion. To earn more, you’ll need to have mapped 10 and 15 Skyview Towers, respectively for the other two medallions. You can now use these to place teleportation points in places where you want to return to time and time again reliably. I suggest putting them in places you want to farm items to make things easier.

And that’s how to fast travel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs, visit our Zelda: TotK guides hub.

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