Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) — ‘A Prone Pathway’ Domizuin Shrine Guide

The Domizuin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom can be a bit of a brain teaser. Here's how to solve it.

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Like many Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the solution to the Domizuin Shrine and its moniker A Prone Pathway is about spacial recognition. This time, you’ll need to quickly understand how openings in a cage can lead to either a treasure chest or the Shrine exit, as well as how you can manipulate the cage to provide you with Ascend points. We’ll go over how to complete the TotK A Prone Pathway Domizuin Shrine and earn all three of its treasure chests in this guide.

Tears of the Kingdom A Prone Pathway Walkthrough

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You’ll find the TotK Domizuin Shrine in the northwest section of Hyrule, in the southwestern portion of the Akkala Region (coordinates 3305, 1443, 0426). The closest landmark is the Akkala Citadel Ruins, with the Shrine overlooking those ruins from a hill to their south.

When you enter the Shrine, head to the end of the walkway and Ascend through the column above you to reach the main puzzle section. You’ll see a glowing, yellow device with a circle arrow above it.

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This device rotates the cage 90 degrees counter-clockwise when you hit it. There is a similar device accessible from within the cage that rotates it 90 degrees to the left on its axis. You’ll be using these two devices to rotate the cage in a specific pattern to access the three treasure chests in the Shrine and make your way to the exit to claim your Light of Blessing.

TotK Domizuin Shrine Treasure Chest Solution 1

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I found the first treasure chest in the Domizuin Shrine to be easy enough to get to. Simply enter the cage after rotating it counter-clockwise once and ascend through the short column. You’ll get 10 arrows for your trouble.

TotK Domizuin Shrine Treasure Chest Solution 2

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To reach the second treasure chest, activate the center device three times to rotate the cage on its access 270 degrees. Just after the cage begins turning, you can run along the wall so you eventually land on the platform with the chest.

I found that, alternatively, you can stand at the edge of the cage and shoot the center device with an arrow, then allow the treasure chest platform to rotate below you. If you don’t manage to get it the first time, it’s a simple matter of turning the cage a few more times to try again. You’ll get a 26-power Strong Zonaite Shield for succeeding.

TotK Domizuin Shrine Treasure Chest Solution 3

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To get the third and final treasure chest, return to the central device and activate it three times. Doing so will rotate the cage enough to easily collect the chest. As this solution was so simple, you only get a Small Zonaite Charge.

TotK A Prone Pathway Solution

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Once you’ve collected the third treasure chest, you need to adjust the cage’s position so the tall column within it terminates at its top, allowing you to ascend onto the ceiling and to the Shrine exit. To do so just after collecting the third treasure chest:

  • Hit the central device once to open the way to the device outside the cage.
  • Hit the outside device with an arrow or a thrown weapon to rotate the cage counter-clockwise.
  • Hit the central device three times to orient the pillar into Ascend position.

Now all you need to do is Ascend up to the top of the cage and hop across to the Shrine exit. If you’re out of arrows, you can also glide back to the beginning of the Shrine from the third treasure chest platform, Ascend back up to the cage, and:

  • Hit the outside device once to access the central one.
  • Hit the central device three times to orient the large pillar into Ascend position.

And that’s it; you should have everything you need to know about completing the Domizuin Shrine A Prone Pathway. While it’s one of the shorter shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s also one of the more mind-bending if spacial puzzles aren’t your strong suit. For more on the latest in The Legend of Zelda series, check out our guide on how to get the four Champion weapons, how to build a giant robot, and plenty of other Shrine walkthroughs in our TotK guides hub.

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