Stuck with the rest of C-Team in the Control Room? We've got you covered.

Zero Time Dilemma: Escape the Control Room!

Stuck with the rest of C-Team in the Control Room? We've got you covered.
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Stuck in the control room in Zero Time Dilemma?  Akane and Junpei won’t stop bickering? This easy walkthrough will help you solve the puzzles and find your way out with your sanity intact.

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This puzzle’s a little different than the others in the series, as there’s very little item gathering.  It’s mostly focused on using one item (the HUD Glasses) to get out.  Once you know that, you’re already halfway done.

How to get out of the Control Room:
  • There’s a speaker on your right, between the red and green fire-hydrant things.  Click on that to zoom in, then search it.  You’ll find an important card there.
  • Turn right again.  There’s a poster with numbers and roman numerals on it.  Check behind the poster to find a pair of red sunglasses. This room doesn’t use many items, so expect to get a lot of mileage out of those glasses.
  • To your right once more, you’ll see a desk with multiple monitors.  Examine the top left hand monitor, than use the switch underneath it to zoom out.  Those pieces of duct tape look familiar…
  • Go to the large switch board.  Line up the switches so they match the duct tape.  If you do it correctly, a blue laser will bounce between them, opening up a small locker.  Inside you’ll find a small battery, which you’ll want to combine with your glasses.
  • Examine the glasses.  You’ll find a series of modes, but only mode A will work right now.  You’ll see a picture that looks similar to the poster on the wall.
  • Use the picture to connect the wires by the monitors.  The proper connection is as follows: 1-II, 2-III, 3-IV, 4-V, 5-I
  • Another monitor will turn on.  It’ll show four series of letters in four different colors.  Use these to set the colored fire hydrant-things.
    • The correct settings are as follows: Red SE, Blue N, Green E, Pink SW.
  • A black fire hydrant-thing will rise from the floor, and another monitor will turn on, showing several lights.  The lights in question are next to the (completed) switch board, on the left side.  Light the same ones as the monitor to continue
  • A door will open, and you’ll find another card and an earpiece.  Combine the earpiece with the sunglasses, and you’ll have the only item you’ll need for the rest of the room.  Select mode B, and remember the sounds you hear.
  • Go back to the monitors, and select the one on the bottom left.  There’s a crane mini-game for you to play, but you need to follow specific instructions.  Each direction you select makes a different noise, which corresponds to the noises in the mode B video.  
    • The correct sequence is right, down, left, down, and then drop the crane.
  • Several more small monitors will turn on, each with one letter.  Each monitor corresponds to one spot on one of the cards you picked up earlier.  Write them down in order to get the password for mode C, which is BETESTEDBYFIRE.
  • You’ll get a video, which shows Zero changing the Fire-hydrant things.  You’ll have to do the same.  
    • The correct settings are: Black-NW, Green-N, Red-NE, Blue-W and Pink-S.
  • A device will rise from the floor.  Plug it in and you’re good to go.

 That’s all there is to it! Follow the steps above and you’ll be on your way out of the Control Room. 

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