Doing math in an alien language? We don't blame you for needing help.

Zero Time Dilemma: Fix the Transporter!

Doing math in an alien language? We don't blame you for needing help.

The Transporter room in Zero Time Dilemma is a radically different puzzle from all the others in the game, and one of the most frustrating as well.  Not only is it difficult to solve, but you’re also without your favorite snarker and esper, Phi, meaning you’ve only got your wits and Sigma to rely on.  Here’s an easy guide that will help you fix the alien transporter and save Phi!

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  1. First, gather the thirteen cards.  They’re not hidden, and most are just scattered around on the floor, so this will probably be the easiest part of the room.
  2. There’s a machine to the left of the door that looks a bit like an ATM.  Use all of the cards on the machine.  
  3. Once you’ve done that, a holographic book will appear on the pedestal to the left of the machine.  Open it and read the chapters inside.  It will tell you that the symbols are numbers, and that the wind symbol=0.
  4. To the right of the nucleus, there is a panel with a triangle with a circle in the middle.  Put any card on it, and another card will appear.  Whichever card breaks is the lower number.  Use this to figure out the order of the cards.
  5. Go back to the holographic book, select Question, and put the symbols in order.  The correct order is as follows: Wind, Sun, Moon, Human, Two Moons, Star, Human and Moon, Flower, Three Moons, Two Humans (no relation to Too Human), Star and Moon, Bird, and Human and Two Moons.
  6. As soon as you put down the book, another machine with start up.  Select that machine, and it will give you two sets of reels.
  7. There’s a spot for the reels next to the triangle panel.  Put both sets in place.
  8. Turn the reels on the bottom to display Moon, Flower, Two Humans, Star, and Sun.  Then, turn the crank.  It will display Human and Two Moons, Two Humans, Star, and Sun.  Put those cards in that order in the nucleus, and you’ll be all set.

The fun’s not over yet, though.  The decision afterwards is a bit frustrating, and even if you make the right choice, it can feel like you screwed up because you’ll be (temporarily) locked out of all other fragements.  Here’s what you must do afterwards:

  1. Go with Sigma into the transporter.  You’ll get a chance to save your game, and then taken to the fragment select scene. 
  2. You can only select one of two D-Team fragments. Pick the new one.
  3. You’ll be taken to another escape room.  This one is in the locker room, and it’s much easier than the transporter.
  4. Once you finish, you’ll be asked a password.  You won’t have the password at that time, so don’t worry.  Exit out, and you’ll go back to the fragment select scene.
  5. Re-select the Transporter room, but go into the FLOW menu.  Pick the scene immediately after your decision, which will be marked with a question mark.  You’ll get a short cutscene, than be able to pick whatever fragment you want.

Hopefully, this will help you to solve the most frustrating puzzle in the game, than keep you from getting stuck due to the decision afterwards.  Remember the locker room fragment when you get that password, though! And if you’re stuck in the Control Room, you can check out our guide and find your way out!

What puzzle made you the angriest in Zero Time Dilemma? Let us know in the comments!

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