No, the Kinect Can't See Through Your Clothes

No, the Xbox One's Kinect can't see through your clothes, that's the TSA's job.

The Xbox One launches in North America tomorrow, and Microsoft just killed the rumor that the Kinect could see through clothing. 

A recently released Microsoft Research video, which I've included above, showed off the Kinect's camera and some and one of the unique ways it can track and identify players, Active IR, that developers can include in their games.

Well, the rumour mill turned "Kinect can see in the dark" into, "Kinect can see through your clothing."

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed with IGN that the Kinect, although far more advanced than the original could not see through clothing.

"There is no tech magic going on here and Kinect cannot see through clothing. Furthermore, the video was an illustration of the various camera views available for the creation of games and apps. This view is only accessible on a development kit and is not viewable on retail consoles."

I bolded the important part of that spiel. Even if the Kinect could see through clothing, the only consoles capable of displaying the view are development kits. Dev kits are not available to consumers, and aren't sold in stores. You have nothing to worry about, leave the junk perving to the TSA.


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Published Nov. 21st 2013
  • Just why_2982
    In that case, I am totally okay with having an internet-connected machine with a camera and microphone in my living room at all times. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    heh... I saw some of those "the kinect can see your wiener" posts the other day... glad someone debunked that rumor.
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    Thanks for the article. I'm sure that reassured tons of people wondering about the Kinect's camera. Hope to see more from you!

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