Fortnite Week 10 Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Junk Junction

Find all seven chests in Junk Junction as a part of the final Week 10 of Fortnite's Season 4 challenges.

The final week of challenges in Fortnite's Season 4 brings another search chests challenge. This time you will need to find seven chests in Junk Junction, which is quite a small location for such a demanding task.

On top of that, all the players will want to land there and take their share, so this will be a hard one. If you want to find all seven chests in this week's challenge, then follow our quick guide below for all the info you need.

All Chest Locations in Junk Junction

Junk Junction is located in the northwestern part of the map right near the new soccer stadium located above Pleasant Park. The first three chests can be found in the building standing in the central part of the junction. Two of them are in the attic and another one is on the ground floor.

Then, move to the orange metal crushing machine in the northern area of the location and check it for another chest. After that head to the west of the junction and go up the ramp of the metal structure. You will see another chest there.

Go down and break the wall behind the metal structure. You will find another secret chest right behind it. And finally, go a bit to the south and claim another chest standing on top of the pile of crushed cars.

As you see, it is possible to get all seven chests in Junk Junction in one go, but other players will compete hard. So be sure to get eliminated before trying this challenge again. In this way the game will count the chests you've gotten previously.


Good luck getting all the chests during this week's search challenge, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, be sure to visit the links below:


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Published Jul. 5th 2018

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