How to Get Limbo Prime in Warframe

Learn how to get all the necessary relics for your Limbo Prime frame with the help of this quick guide to Warframe.

The new Limbo Prime frame has arrived in Warframe. It is an enhanced version of the Lmbo frame with better shield, armor and energy capacities. It also has two additional polarities: Naramon and Vazarin, for increased defenses, health and armor.

In order to get the Limbo Prime frame you need to farm for several relics and have Mastery Rank 4. If you want to know how to obtain all the necessary relics for Limbo Prime, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Get Limbo Prime Relics in Warframe

Lith B3 Relic

You can farm this relic by staying for ten waves during Orokin Derelict Defense mission at Orokin Derelict tileset. If you manage to withstand all ten waves you can start extracting for the Lith B3 relic.

The best frame to use during the Orokin Derelict Defense mission is the Banshee. Its sophisticated acoustic powers will help you to pinpoint enemy positions and their weak spots.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Systems blueprint.

Axi L2 Relic

This relic can be farmed during the Berehynia Interception mission at Grineer Shipyard tileset on the planet of Sedna. You need to be able to stay in control for four rounds, which will reward you with the Axi relics.

This interception mission is rather easy and the whole set of four rounds will take you less than 15 minutes in solo mode.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Neuroptics blueprint.

Neo L1 Relic

The Neo relics can be farmed in the same way as Axi relics during the Berehynia missions. So follow the same tips as given above.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime Chassis blueprint.

Meso Z1 Relic

You will be able to farm for Meso relic during the Io Defense mission at Corpus Gas City tileset on Jupiter. The strategy is the same as with the Orokin Derelict Defense mission, where you need to stay for ten waves and extract.

This relic will provide you with Limbo Prime blueprint.


Now you have all the necessary blueprints for your Limbo Prime frame, and for other Warframe guides at GameSkinny, plese see the links below:


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Published Jun. 22nd 2018

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