6 Awesome Pieces Of Neko Atsume Crossover Fanart

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Pika Atsume

Neko Atsume, the kitty collecting mobile game, has spawned various fan art interpretations. Among those are the many crossovers featuring characters from other games, movies, comics, TV shows, and more. The creativity of the artists knows no bounds. The following are some of the best and most unique Neko Atsume crossovers.

To kick things off, artsyury has created various Pikachu and Pichu inspired creatures hanging out on Neko Atsume items. The kitty hideaway is even Pokeball themed! This fan art is one of the cutest crossovers.

Pony Atsume

A fan of My Little Pony, artist zombie combined Neko Atsume with the tv show and ended up with Pony Atsume. Chibi ponys lounge around like the cats, including being in a box, with a plastic bag on their head, and pigging out on food. Such a bright colorful piece melds My Little Pony and Neko Atsume perfectly. 

Monster Atsume

Indie game Undertale has spawned a plethora of fanart all of its own. A fan of both games, fel-fisk turned the characters from Undertale into the cute cats of Neko Atsume. San sits with a bone, Papyrus is striking a heroic pose, and Mettaton is looking fabulous. Simple yet tasteful, Monster Atsume is a great combination. 


Xenomorph Atsume

frowzivitch has created one of the more unique crossovers that I have seen. Taking place in the back yard of Neko Atsume with its various cats, an Alien Queen has landed. Turning the once peaceful yard into a breeding ground, various cats have been assaulted by Face Huggers. Tubbs even has a chest buster coming out. Some of the cats are still playing, with an Alien even joining in on the fun. Such a well executed and creative idea. 


Neko Atsume: Heroes

zachsmithson has created another amazing piece of Neko Atsume fanart. This time combining the cats with various heroes. Four panels comprise the whole piece, with each panel depicting a different scene. The top left shows off the Avengers, with the cats donning superhero costumes and battling it out. Top right is full of Dragonball Z goodness, showing off a happy Goku and Vegeta with a solemn Piccolo. Bottom left is Deadpool oriented with Colossus splayed out like Tubbs.  Bottom right is the iconic fight of Batman v. Superman. Instead of just one crossover we have been graced with four in one piece! 


Poke Atsume

Another Pokemon inspired crossover, paulinachinea uses more variety of Pokemon in their piece. Snorlax takes the place of Tubbs, Pikachu is playing in a paper bag, butt out. Oddish is hiding in a planter with Meowth chilling next to it. Mew is playing with a ball. Vulpix and Jigglypuff are playing in the drawers with a Skitty hanging in a sock. Overall a well done crossover that is recognizable for both games. 

Which was your favorite crossover? Have any creative ideas for your own piece? Let us know in the comments!

Published Oct. 8th 2016


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