Final Fantasy XV Releases Closed Beta Date for Multiplayer Expansion – Comrades

Square Enix announced that the next DLC for Final Fantasy XV will have a closed beta for the game's multiplayer feature that runs from August 2 to August 8. This beta is available for all season pass members on PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the season pass, players must also have a membership to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live.

First thing you will do in the beta will be creating your own playable character. You can create up to 8 of these characters -- but don't worry, if you want to play as one of the four heroes from the main game, the full DLC will have those options available to you as well. 

Players will have access to new weapons, quests, and meals to share with friends or other players. The only weapons to choose from are the katana, club, dagger, and shuriken. Each weapon has a different attack pattern that vary from those in the base game.

Questing in the beta will be multiplayer-only, and completing them will reward you will ingredients and Meteorshards. Meteorshards are an in-game currency that you can't use in the beta. This currency is intended to unlock activities around the world -- and it will be usable once the DLC releases sometimes in the near future.


Final Fantasy XV already released two of its four DLCs – Episode Gladiolus in March and Episode Prompto more recently. It’s going to be interesting to see where this game stands when it's finished with all its DLC and updates.

Stay tuned for FFXV multiplayer guides as the beta rolls out starting next week!


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Published Jul. 26th 2017

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