Play 7 Total War games for free this weekend

Celebrate 15 years of Total War with 7 of the most recent games free to play and discounted up to 75% off on Steam until Sunday, June 28th.

To celebrate 15 years of Total War, The Creative Assembly is holding a Free Weekend and sale on Steam.

7 of the most recent games in the series will be free to play from now until 6pm GMT on Sunday, June 28th. These include:

All 7 games are also on sale, with ATTILA at 33% off, while the rest are 75% off.

All DLC is 50% off except ATTILA's latest expansion, The Last Roman.

Released today, The Last Roman Campaign Pack includes a huge new campaign map featuring a unique new 'Roman Expedition' faction as one of 5 playable factions with new units, tech, buildings, and gameplay features.

Players play as Belisarius, one of the last great Roman generals, and can choose to follow the Emperor Justinian's orders and retake the former Western Roman Empire, or rebel and attempt to become the new Emperor of Rome.

Total War: ATTILA - The Last Roman Campaign Pack is currently $14.99 on Steam.


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Published Jun. 26th 2015

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