Players siege the forums as another Black Desert patch is delayed

The update to implement sieges for Black Desert has been delayed yet again, this time without an ETA.

Daum Games announced that major bugs have been discovered with the implementation of the Siege system. Due to player input and feedback during the “Siege Rehearsal,” Black Desert will not be receiving this content update on schedule. Further, community manager, Jouska, posted on the forums saying,

“As always we appreciate your patience and understanding, as soon as we have an ETA for this fix it will be shared via announcement.”

This setback of yet another content update, and the second delay of this particular patch, is leaving fans and players of the game somewhat frustrated as the responses range from mild frustration to full on rage.

Black Desert the action, sandbox MMORPG that was released in March of this year has already implemented multiple content patches in its short lifespan here in the West. With a rapid content release pace comes possible hiccups. It is also promising to see that the developers want to correctly implement these updates even if that means delaying things for a while.


Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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