NVIDIA wants you to 'experience' optimized gaming

NVIDIA needs 10,000 testers to try out its new optimization software GeForce Experience.

The game optimization software GeForce Experience needs beta testers. Hardware developer NVIDIA wants to give 10,000 gamers early access to its latest software development project before the scheduled launch in January.

NVIDIA claims on its developer zone that "less than 20% of all gamers optimize their game settings for the games they enjoy playing." With that in mind, NVIDIA created a piece of software that would assist users in making their games run smoother, faster, stronger... The idea is to make PC gaming as simple as console gaming.

How does it work?

GeForce Experience will scan your PC for the current 30-odd games in its database so far. Then it will check drivers and settings for these applications. In one simple click, users can have the best set up for their specific PC and suite of games.

NVIDIA notes that GeForce Experience is designed to work with all hardware not just its own. We will see. The software will be free for download, but as the adage goes, "If you're not buying the product, you are the product." We will see how far NVIDIA's philanthropy stretches.

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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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