Star Wars: Battlefront gets new DLC announcement and trailer

New DLC is coming for Star Wars: Battlefront. Are you ready to take the fight to outer space?

Star Wars: Battlefront is about to get some new DLC content. Releasing on September 20, the "Death Star" DLC pack features new maps, a new game mode and two new characters -- one of which is none other than Chewbacca himself. 

Chewbacca, as pictured here, comes with his famous crossbow that features a multi-shot attack. He will also have a powerful roar attack that can buff nearby players. 

Along with the new characters and maps, the new game mode will show off a feature that many players have been clamoring for -- space battles. That's right, you can finally go toe to toe with other players in outer space, with the menacing Death Star itself as a backdrop. Some of the gameplay from this new mode is featured in the announcement trailer which shows off an intense dogfight between TIE Fighters and rebel ships. 

The DLC will release on Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and PC on September 20, which is within the two-week early access window for Season Pass holders who will get a first look at the new content. 

What are your thoughts on the new DLC? Are you excited to take the battles to outer space? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Sep. 16th 2016

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