Layoffs Affect Saints Row Developer Volition

Saints Row and Agents Of Mayhem developer Volition has recently laid off a number of its staff.

Volition, the developers behind the Saints Row and Red Faction series, have reportedly laid off about 30 members of the studio over the past week. Although the company recently released Agents of Mayhem, a spinoff of the Saints Row franchise, neither of their main franchises have released a proper full-length game in several years, with no known releases in either currently set.

Despite the recent release of the game, Agents Of Mayhem, has not been performing well since release. The game was the first major title released by the developer since Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

As of this writing, neither Volition nor Koch Media has released a statement in regards to the reported layoffs.

Around the same time that Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell was released in 2015, publisher THQ - which owned Volition at the time - went into bankruptcy, with Volition and all of the developer's IPs being sold off to Koch Media/DeepSilver.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news about Volition, Deep Silver, and Agents of Mayhem as it develops. 



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Published Sep. 27th 2017

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