Conker's Bad Fur Day Pikachu Scene Revealed at Last

It's taken 12 years, but we finally get to see it!

Conker's Bad Fur Day holds a very dear place in the hearts of Rare fans from the Nintendo 64 era. The game's crude sense of humor and solid platforming made it a fan favorite, and even got the game a remake on the Xbox titled Conker: Live and Reloaded.

The one scene every fan has heard about but never seen is one featuring Pikachu of Pokemon fame. The scene was removed pre-release due to Nintendo's heavy guarding of the electric mouse's likeness, and it has remained a mystery to this day.

Well, not so much to this day. The video in the header of this article includes the scene, which begins at 2 minutes and 25 seconds into the video,

Past to Present Online, a website dedicated to seeking out and preserving early builds of older titles, has found the Pikachu scene in Conker's Bad Fur Day intact in a prototype build of the game. Previously the only solid evidence that the scene even existed was this model of his tail sitting around in the game files:

Actually seeing what seemed to be a bit of an urban legend for years in action is highly satisfying. The scene may not be the greatest, but it is certainly one to remember if only for the amount of time it's taken to come to light. Great job and thank you, Past to Present Online.

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Published May. 9th 2013
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Conquer's Bad Fur Day was one of those games. The kind of games where you sink more hours in than you can count. The multiplayer on that never got old as a kid. It was also the easiest M rated game to sneak past your parents back then.

    That Pikachu scene was interesting. It wasn't that funny, so, I'm glad it didn't make it into the final game, but still interesting to see it in an early build.

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