Guild Wars 2 at Gamescom 2013

Guild Wars 2 has no announcement for Gamescom 2013.

There have been some big updates so far from Cologne, Germany about all sorts of games. World of Warplanes gave a release date, Battlefield 4 will have a new premium mode, and Terminators: The Video Game was announced. That's all good, but I was interested in finding out if there was any news about my favorite game: Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, no. 

ArenaNet, the makers of Guild Was 2, announced that three designers will go to Gamescom from their company. Daniel Dociu, Isaiah Cartwright, and Matt Wuerffel will represent the game, but they are doing very little that will be exciting to players. There won't be any news that will change the game even though we likely will see many new interviews. This is fairly dissapointing considering that Gamescom was so important for ArenaNet last year. We will have to wait for news about potential changes to Guild Wars 2.

The Game Director, Colin Johanson, announced that although the presence from ArenaNet at Gamescom is light the representatives at PAX in two weeks will be large and there will be a big announcement. Many players are looking forward to the news that ArenaNet are developing an expansion or building a new continent, but that is definitely not happenning at Gamescom or PAX. It is more likely a change to Player versus Player, World versus World, or a new dungeon.

If NCSoft, the parent company of ArenaNet, was not making a major announcement about the subscription model for their game WildStar then ArenaNet might not have gone at all. As it is, don't expect anything too world-changing in the next few days about Guild Wars 2. There will be lots of news about other games, but ArenaNet are staying quiet at present.


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Published Aug. 20th 2013
  • Rafty.4298
    They also stated that it is not an expansion. I think I would love a new race/ character class or continent. All of these could be interesting.

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