New Chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Knights of the Fallen Empire" Now Available

Star Wars: The Old Republic has released "Chapter 15: The Gemini Deception" as part of its "Knights of the Fallen Empire" story.

Those who dig the adventure of Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Knights of the Fallen Empire" storyline might be disappointed when their most recent chapter comes to an end. Luckily, subscribers can now gain free access to a brand new chapter of the BioWare-developed story, entitled "Chapter 15: The Gemini Deception."

The game's official website promises the chance "to land what could be the final blow" in the war between protagonist Outlander's team and the Eternal Empire. Of course, the player must invade a Zakuulan warship and battle Arcann's "elite" force of fighters along the way. According to the description, AI Droid SCORPIO exists as the player's secret weapon that takes Arcann by surprise.

With the release of the saga's 15th chapter, only one more remains. Chapter 16 will release later in July, with players who had subscribed by July 1 gaining early access to the long-running adventure's conclusion.

How does "The Gemini Deception" compare to previous chapters in the saga? Offer your thoughts in the comments below!


Published Jul. 1st 2016

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