Does Prey 2 Still Have a Future?

The game is not gone, it is just... complicated.

Remember Prey 2?  Remember how that was gonna come out and even had an E3 demo in 2011?  Well, apparently Human Head Studios (Developer) and Bethesda (Publisher) had a falling out after promises were made on Bethesda's end but were never followed through on.  None of these promises were on paper though, so it was seen as being a bunch of baseless claims.  Then Bethesda said they were not happy with the product and that Human Head was not meeting deadlines.  After some fighting, it seems that the game was handed over to Bethesda and Human Head went on their own way to start another game with another developer.This is a rough situation for Human Head.They poured a great deal of money and love into this game and could not see it to the finish line.  Sadly, with no real proof of any agreements and Bethesda being made out to seem like a bully, none of this looks really good.I wish Human Head could have seen this game to fruition but it seems like many things lead to that that only people on the bothWhat is happening to Prey 2 now?Good question and no really solid answers.  Supposedly there is rumor of the game's development falling into the hands of Arkane , developers of Dishonored.  Despite what I have said about them in the past, I think this franchise could easily flourish with them. The game almost looked finished last time we saw it and even little cards were included in the casing on release day versions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim advertising Prey 2.  All signs pointed to a close to finished game, so what more could be needed then some tweaking?My only concern lies in the fact that Arkane or whomever might be developing the game, does not have what Human Human Head had: the original vision.  Think of if they had taken Peter Jackson out of directing the Lord of the Rings movies half way through and threw in Steven Spielberg?  Or getting rid of Team Silent and putting Tomm Hulett in charge of the series... Wait, nothing can be as catastrophic as that was. My point is that the new developer might not like design choices made on Human Head's end and change them.  This can mess with the entire feel of game in the process.  Even though I never played the E3 demo, the trailer and footage of the demo gave a distinctive vibe and I wanted that.Regardless, right now all we can do is sit and wait for more news.  Hopefully this will see the light of day and will maintain what it originally was shooting for.


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Published Jun. 7th 2013
  • Paulo R. Mendes
    Bethesda will never again see the color of my money! Not after all this... scandal.

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