Minecraft- Mojang recommends going back to 1.10 until 1.10.2 is out

If Minecraft 1.10.1 isn't stable for you, Mojang recommends rolling back until 1.10.2 is out.

Minecraft's 1.10 Frostburn Update was cause for much celebration for the community and brought a ton of new content to play with, but there are almost always bound to be issues with big patches and Minecraft is no exception.

While 1.10 itself included a lot of fixes, it brought some new issues with it, the biggest being that the Ender Dragon would not respawn and even full-on game crashes.

The 1.10.1 update swooped in to clean up the small messes in 1.10 but unfortunately it appears to have brought more issues than it fixed, and Mojang is recommending players who are having trouble with the patch use 1.10 instead until the 1.10.2 patch is released.

Luckily enough 1.10.2 isn't far off and Mojang are already hard at work on the patch to hopefully stabilized the long-awaited Frostburn Update. 

It seems the specific recommendation is to stick with either 1.10 or 1.10.1 depending on whichever is giving you less problems. The Minecraft 1.10.2 patch should be live in the coming days, so sit tight!

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Published Oct. 27th 2017
  • Daniel _6553
    What if your Minecraft crashes when you try getting onto 1.9-1.10 and my computer is brand new?

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