New Report Outlines PS5 VR Eye Tracking, Haptics

The PS5 VR set will reportedly have advanced haptics, vastly improved resolution, and better eye tracking.

Sony has remained quiet on the PS5 VR headset since first announcing basic details earlier in 2021, but a new exclusive report from Upload VR sheds some light on what to expect. The report, compiled from multiple Sony partners familiar who said Sony shared some of the PS5 VR set's specs, including resolution and eye-tracking.

The report says PS5 VR resolution will be 4000x2040 total, which means 2000x2040 per eye, and a dial adjustment that lets you move the lenses directly in front of your eyes if desired.

Peripheral image quality would be reduced through foveated rendering, a practice that uses eye-tracking to make rendering easier by focusing on what's in your immediate vision.

Finally, the report mentions the PS5 VR will use a special kind of haptic feedback. We knew the controllers would have haptics, but Upload VR reports the headset will have haptic feedback features as well.

Don't expect any more official news for a while, though. Sony CEO Jim Ryan said PS5 VR won't be happening until at least 2022 or later. The Upload VR story has many more details, so head over there and check it out

[Source: Upload VR]


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Published May. 11th 2021

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