Recap of Curse of Osiris Reveal Stream 2

Here's what you need to know about Bungie's second reveal stream for Curse of Osiris.

Bungie's second reveal stream for Curse of Osiris just finished, and a lot of interesting things were revealed: the Infinite Forest, Heroic Adventures, how to forge weapons, and more. Let’s jump right in.

Bungie has stated many times that Mercury will have a new public event set to be the biggest one yet. They weren't lying. Called “Vex Crossroads,” it will include massive waves of Vex Goblins, Harpies, Hobgoblins, and Minotaurs. In this event, you have to kill Vex (obviously) to reveal orbs called keys that you dunk into these vex-style rifts to unlock gates and release gate lords to kill. This public event is massive because they have man-cannons to send you across different parts of the map, including an area only accessible during the public event. These new mechanics are a mix of the old Destiny crucible mode Rift and some raid-like mechanics, requiring more teamwork than a regular event and proving to be more rewarding than a regular event. After finishing the event, two chests appear, giving you two chances to get good rewards. 

Next up is the Forge. The Forge works by speaking to Brother Vance in the lighthouse and obtaining these things called “Verses” to decrypt and forge your new weapons. There are 11 verses in total, and each one needs a different set of planetary-type materials in order to unlock them in the Forge. The one showcased in the stream was Verse 3, and it required three materials. One of these materials is obtained only through public events on Mercury, while the other three are obtained through Heroic Adventures, strikes (normal and heroic it seems), and public events. When the materials are gathered and used, the Forge charges up a beam of light, and your new weapon is added to your inventory. And since the Forge is in the public space in the lighthouse, anyone there can see you forging your new guns.

Speaking of guns, the Fireteam that was playing the new public event had some new weapons. Most noticeable was a shotgun that seemed to have some curved horn on the bottom of the barrel. The stream chat was speculating that the new shotgun was an exotic gun themed after Saint-14, and if this is true, that gun could prove to be very popular. It was melting enemies in the public event.

Th next big reveal was the Infinite Forest. The last stream showed us what it's like to walk into the forest, and this time, we saw what it's like to fight in there. Upon going inside, the platforms form in front of you as you walk, similar to how Vex structures do on a regular basis. One thing to note is that it was revealed that you will not only fight the Vex but will also encounter and fight simulated versions of other enemies such as the Hive. Within the Infinite Forest, you will embark on new adventures and heroic adventures. The heroic adventures are to include new rewards, challenging fights, and even modifiers that will be random every time you take on the adventures. 

The last thing mentioned was how Strikes will work. It was revealed that there will be two new Strikes added to the playlist, with the twist that they will start out as story missions and be added to the Strike playlist upon completion of the main campagin. 

The next stream is set to showcase new gear such as Raid Lair gear, exotic gear, and more. The blog post recapping the reveal stream should be posted on Friday, as Thursday is Thanksgiving.

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Published Nov. 22nd 2017

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