Diablo 4 Will Bring More Control Customization to Series

Diablo 4 will allow for fully bindable controller support on PC, and a more convenient local co-op UI.

It's already confirmed that Diablo 4 will be making several changes to the formula, diverting from the third game in the series. Unsurprisingly, the list of changes just keeps growing.

We found out Diablo 4 would be going back to the skill tree customization method, and that it would shake up itemization via new types of stats. Today, Lead UI Designer Angela Del Priore shed some light on the game's spanning controller support and UI options for PC.

Diablo 4 on PC will allow not just for keyboard and mouse support, but it will also offer freely bindable controller options for those who prefer a more relaxed approach. Players will also have the option of rebinding their primary attack skill off the left mouse button, a first for the series.

The game's local 2-player UI will be adjusted as well, allowing for both players to access their inventory, skill tree, talents, and more at the same time rather than forcing them to take turns as in Diablo 3. A huge quality of life change for the local co-op crowd tired of waiting for their adventuring partner to tinker with their skills.

With all the changes already revealed, including the lack of an auction house, Diablo 4 is shaping up to be at least twice the game as Diablo 3. Release is still somewhere far in the future, but it's heartening to know the next entry to the biggest ARPG series out there will be improving upon its predecessor.

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Published Feb. 27th 2020

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