Gamer forced to destroy Fallout 4 special edition to secure refund from Bethesda

One poor fan was told to destroy his limited edition vinyl Fallout 4 soundtrack in order to get a full refund!

Fallout 4 fan Paul Watson, aka @WalnutSoap, was told that if he wished to receive a full refund for his limited edition Fallout 4 vinyl records, then he must destroy them all.

Paul took to Twitter to bring his extremely bizarre story to light, explaining that when the records were delivered, the first disc arrived warped and completely unplayable. As a result, Bethesda refunded $25 into his account as compensation for the single record. But Paul was unsatisfied with this and demanded a full refund of $100 -- the discs are naturally not sold separately so replacement was impossible.

Benita, a Bethesda customer support representative, replied thusly: 

You only showed that one of the records was damaged so we refunded you for that damaged record. If the other records are similarly affected, please provide photos. However if they are not affected and you still would like a full refund for the product, please follow the instructions below for this limited edition item.

  1. Destroy the other records
  2. Provide photos of the damaged records

"Once I get those photos I will happily refund you for your order. Thank you and have a wonderful day!"

Deciding that there was no way around this predicament, and no replacement disc on the way, Paul agreed to wreak havoc upon his precious collection. His face sums the situation up perfectly.

Not like this....not like this

Paul's original tweet:

Although this is fairly standard procedure for large companies to prevent fraudulent claims, some are wondering if Bethesda maybe went a little too far.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, Paul has since been told he is eligible for a full refund.


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Published Feb. 5th 2016
  • Dustin Frisch
    What makes you think he didn't rip the MP3s beforehand? :P
  • Si_W
    How cynical of you...
  • Si_W
    What exactly was he expecting? Did he think they were going to give him a full refund but let him keep all the other discs?
  • Alec Pearce
    His argument was that if one disc was broken the entire set was essentially ruined. He was obviously never going to get a full refund for just one disc but I suppose he felt it was worth a try.
  • Si_W
    And yet he still had the choice once Bethesda told him what to do to refuse the full offer if he really wanted the discs...
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    Had to do the same for my expensive mouse ($200+) if I wanted my refund I had to break it to prove it wasn't working basically, it felt weird but I did get a refund!

    This is definitely more heartbreaking though.

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