Blizzard's Hearthstone Announcement: The Grand Tournament

Blizzard announced their new addition to their digital card game Hearthstone, called The Grand Tournament. Featuring a new board, over 130 new cards, and some new mechanics.

Today from San Francisco, Blizzard hosted a Fireside gathering through Twitch, making a live-feed for announcing their new addition to their large digital card game, Hearthstone. This new addition The Grand Tournament will add over 130 new cards, plenty of new mechanics, and much more.

The Grand Tournament Details

Some new characters will be appearing for The Grand Tournament, and adding a new board for them to do battle on. Using the fantastic artists at Blizzard, they made a great map for these new unique characters to play on with the new mechanics. One of the new characters for example is called Skycapn' Kragg, who is a pirate captain riding a giant parrot. 

The main theme behind this addition is that heroes are a big deal. They've included new cards that will affect how a player's hero skill works. For example, a new mage card called "Coldarra Drake" featuring a dragon, lets the player use the hero power any number of times. There's also "Maiden of the Lake" which reduces the hero cost to only one. Another new "Frost Giant" is being added, which allows the gamer to use the hero power a ton of times but at a cheaper amount during that specific game. 

A major new addition is the adding of a keyword or trait for characters, called "Inspire", which activates a power every time you use your hero skill. 

When can we see this Grand Tournament add-on?

The Grand Tournament will be releasing next month, with 130 new cards that will come in the same packs, and also for the same price which can be bought with either in-game gold or real money. For those that want to get ahead in this add-on, there's a pre-purchase next week where you can get 50 packs at a discounted price, giving you a slight advantage.

What are you looking forward to most in this add-on to the digital card game, Hearthstone?

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Published Jul. 22nd 2015

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