Final Fantasy 7 Will Come to PS4 as a Port, Not a Remake

At the PS Experience, producer Shinji Hashimoto announces Final Fantasy 7 is coming to PS4...but as a port, not the HD remake that we were hoping for.

Square Enix has crushed the hearts of Final Fantasy VII fans yet again.

At this weekend's PlayStation Experience, producer of the Final Fantasy series Shinji Hashimoto introduced a video for the game during the keynote speech. Announcing that the game was coming to PlayStation 4, Hashimoto hyped up the crowd before letting the trailer play.

In it, we see some of the iconic scenes from the original title, though with higher resolution and somewhat better graphics. Yet it is nowhere close to what a PS4 game should look like. Between the text from the trailer and Hashimoto, it's clear Final Fantasy VII is coming to the PS4 in Spring 2015 as a port, not as the remake so many have waited for. (See below for the big, disappointing reveal.)

Of course, Square Enix has gone back and forth on the topic of remaking its most popular Final Fantasy title over the years. Back in 2012, the company's CEO stated that they wouldn't consider a HD remake until a new Final Fantasy title had surpassed its success. As well, many within the company have said a remake would be expensive and time consuming, in terms of manpower and technical scale.

Now that Square Enix has played with our emotions, we can all go back to Final Fantasy VII in its original form, if only for the nostalgic replay value.

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Published Dec. 8th 2014
  • Player911
    This is untrue. The HD PC version IS coming to PS4 first, but the REMAKE is in the works. It has been for over a year. They are simply releasing the title with the PC versions heavily updated tile set on PSN to hold us over. So we are getting an HD version with new updated graphics AND a remake that is following.

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