Devolver Digital's Marijuana Tycoon Game, Weedcraft Inc, Comes To Steam on April 11

Devolver Digital has released a new trailer for the cannabis tycoon game Weedcraft Inc, detailing the game's story and gameplay.

In a little over a month, Steam players everywhere will be able to build their own cannabis empire. On April 11, Vile Monarch and Devolver Digital's Weedcraft Inc will launch on Valve's digital store.

The narrative-based tycoon simulator offers players a chance to experience the growing American cannabis industry, telling the story of a business student named Johnny who joins his brother in the weed industry after their dad dies. 

While Johnny's brother was growing weed to help with their father's illness,  the duo decided it was time to branch out, with Johnny running the business side of things while learning how to grow weed and escape the law. 

Players decide everything in their new business, ranging from how their storefront will look to whether or not to bribe cops, and, finally, if they should take advantage of weed legalization and become a legitimate business. 

In Weedcraft Inc, players will test both their weed growing abilities and their business knowledge. They'll decide what strains of weed to grow and how to grow them. They'll upgrade the business as they go along, using better grow spaces, better soil, and choosing the best types of marijuana to grow. Real strains are represented in the game, too, so players will be able to choose between the likes of Blue Dream and Northern Lights, for example.


The game's story and various scenarios are "largely informed" by the research of lead writer, Scott Alexander. According to the developers, "Scott's stories fold examples of the often ludicrous loopholes unique to specific regions, as well as the grim realities of prejudice, into the game's narrative." 

While they continue by saying Weedcraft's story is meant to highlight and "better understand" the pros and cons of the legal marijuana debate, that still remains to be seen. 

Those interested can learn more by checking out our preview of the game, as well as by visiting the game's official Steam page

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Published Mar. 13th 2019

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