Gamer Makes $10,000 Playing Online Games!

It's a dream come true for this Japanese gamer.

We grow up hearing, "Do what you love most," but for some it isn't that easy. I remember there were quite a number of people in college who chose majors they thought would bring them the most money, and in the end they realized it was either something they were not good at or just not passionate about. But what if you could earn a good salary doing something you love?

It's a Dream Come True

Moru-Chan (his user name) is living proof that you can have the best of both worlds. Moru has always been a fan of MMOs and is now earning money playing what he loves most! Moru was chosen by a team of Japanese MMO ArcheAge to be the recipient of $10,000 for spending three months playing video games in a one-room apartment provided by the company and streaming it to a video-sharing site called Niconico

His Lifestyle

For three months he wakes up at noon and plays until 6 a.m. He only stops for breaks to eat, bathe, do laundry and update his blog. His blog is actually what he uses to help promote and engage other players to play and take down the many different creatures and monsters he comes across during gameplay. To check out his blog, click here

Moru-Chan is married and his wife is surprisingly very supportive of his lifestyle. I mean, $10,000 in three months? Who wouldn't be? I wonder if this will become an on-going thing for Moru-Chan or if the company will stop after the three months are over. 

If this was or did become an on-going thing, would any of you be interested in a career like this? Even if it meant gaming for 12 hours every day? Or on the other side, if you were married to someone who played games 12 hours a day as a career, would you be able to be as supportive as Moru-Chan's wife? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Published Sep. 16th 2013

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