Twitch has beaten Dark Souls; 43 days after starting

Twitch has finally beat Dark Souls through their crowd based chat in-puts. Taking only 43 days, this is Twitch's largest accomplishment.

After a long and strenuous adventure, Twitch has finally beaten Dark Souls with the journey taking just 43 days. With Twitch using the crowd playing platform, it's understandable why Dark Souls took a month and a half to defeat entirely.

The difficult journey accomplished

Many people believed the Twitch community would never have been able to defeat Dark Souls, with the game having tough bosses and needing camera and aiming accuracy.

But during the early days of playing Dark Souls, Twitch chat made a difficult decision to change their mode from anarchy to democracy, which enabled better control over actions that the in-game character does.

With anarchy mode in place all input actions through the chat take effect, whereas democracy mode puts in a timer and the most popular move is voted through. Having this change opened up a large window for Twitch to complete Dark Souls, and they were even able to get through the first dungeon which was once considered a challenge.

Throughout the toiling 43 day process of playing Dark Souls, the Twitch community faced exactly 904 deaths and faced the devilish duo of Ornstein and Smough after 28 days in.

If you haven't been able to follow Twitch chat's play of Dark Souls, YouTube user whydoyoubark has uploaded an archive of the main bosses being defeated.

What do you think of Twitch chat's accomplishment of completing Dark Souls? Should Twitch take on a larger challenge for their next social experiment? Share your thoughts below on this huge milestone!

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Published Sep. 29th 2015

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