Gunman Taco Truck V1.20 Update Released Today

The long-awaited V1.20 update for Romero Games' roguelike Gunman Taco Truck released today, adding a whole new way to play, bug fixes, and more.

Romero Games roguelike shooter Gunman Taco Truck received its V1.20 update today, which adds smuggling packages and the mutated cop, Long Arm Jones. Along with the new gameplay feature, there are also bug fixes and improvements to the gibs physics of the game.

What is Gunman Taco Truck?

Gunman Taco Truck is a roguelike shooter developed by Romero Games. The concept was created by Donovan Romero, son of John and Brenda Romero of DOOM and Wizardry fame. After Donovan pitched the idea to his parents, they worked together on the game as a family project.

It released on Steam on January 28, and later on Android and iOS devices. You take on the role of a taco truck owner making his way across a post-apocalyptic America to reach Canada where his family business can prosper.

On your way to your destination, you must kill mutants and collect their meat to create your many delicious tacos for the survivors of the wasteland. As you progress, you buy and upgrade new trucks and weapons, too. But actually reaching Winnipeg is not as easy as it seems.

But actually reaching Winnipeg is not as easy as it seems.

What Does the New Update Bring?

The new update brings in the long-anticipated feature of smuggling. Now upon arriving at the shops located throughout the wastes, the shopkeepers may ask the player to smuggle packages or people across the border. But even in the wastes, there is still some form of law enforcement, and smuggling is strictly forbidden.

If the player dares to take up a smuggling job, they will be rewarded for their efforts but run the risk of being hunted down by insane, mutated law enforcement. 

Along with the new update, there have been number bug fixes made to Gunman Taco Truck. However, the game's patch notes have yet to be released. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Gunman Taco Truck news as it develops. 



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Published Jun. 13th 2017

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