Deathloop Freezing Fix for PS5 and PC

The apartment, library, and tunnels of Deathloop have been hotspots for freezes and frame rate drops. Here are a few potential solutions if you're experiencing these yourself.

If you've been experiencing some freezing issues in the apartment, library, or tunnels sections of Deathloop, don't worry. It's not just you.

Freezing and massive frame rate drops have been plaguing the PC and PlayStation 5 versions of an otherwise fantastic game, and while we're likely to see an official fix from Arkane Studios eventually, we'll have to make due with some unofficial fixes until then.

How to Fix Deathloop Frame Rate Drops


To be clear, if you're having these issues, it's likely not because of your rig. Some players have reported having these issues, even on an RTX 3080. These freezes and lag spikes are problems baked into the game, but by tinkering with the settings, you can help reduce the odds of frame rate drops.

One thing you can do is turn down Shadow Details to the minimum setting in the graphics settings, which will minimally impact your gameplay and graphical fidelity. This is an incredibly demanding visual feature, but lowering it will not affect how the game looks all too much. This isn't an extreme fix, but should will help.

Disabling Deathloop's Vsync will also grant you a frame rate boost, as will disabling motion blur, though you will have to live with lesser visuals by doing so.

Outside of the game settings, double-check to make sure all of your graphics card drivers are updated, and make sure the game itself is installed to either an SSD or NVMe drive if available. Mechanical HDDs can lower performance, so unless that's your only option, you should avoid it.

Deathloop Freezing Fix


Though the game got delayed four months, it seems they still jumped the gun on the release, as progress-ruining freezes have proven a consistent issues for PlayStation 5 and PC players.

Deathloop PS5 Freezing Solution

If you're on PS5, try holding the PS5 button for a few seconds, then load back into the game. Doing this will force the pause screen to open, and some players have had luck in getting this to essentially jumpstart the game into functioning again. 

Deathloop PC Freezing Solution

For those of you playing on PC, check to see if you are still able to hear the in-game music while frozen.

If you can hear it, then you're best off simply waiting the freeze out. Most players have reported it lasting around 90 seconds, though it has the potential to go longer. Losing 90 seconds of playtime to wait out the freeze is certainly more optimal than losing hours of progress, so be sure to at least give the game a chance to start moving again.

If you can't hear any music, you should still give the game a few minutes to think about it, but you unfortunately may have no choice but to force-quit the game and take the L. With how widespread this issue has been, Arkane Studios can't ignore it, so a patch should hopefully be just around the corner. 

Hopefully these solutions help you with Deathloop freezing, a fix is surely on the way. Take a look at our other Deathloop guides here on GameSkinny.


Published Sep. 17th 2021

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