Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Lucky Landing

Here are all the possible locations of the chests in Lucky Landing for your Fortnite's Season 5, Week 7 challenge.

This week Epic Games wants us to look out for seven chests in a relatively new location -- Lucky Landing, which is situated in the southern edge of the Fortnite map. There are quite  a few chests in there, so you should be able to get all seven chests in one go.

However, most of the chests are pretty well hidden, so you might want to follour our quick guide and locate all the chests as quickly as possible.

Where are Chests in Lucky Landing?

The first and most obvious location for a chest is a building in the very center of Lucky Landing that has a huge tree growing inside of it. So just land right there and grab your first chest from its base.

Then, head straight towards the building in the west and snatch another chest from the roof. But if you don't want to pick up single chests, then you could opt for a three-storey building in the northeastern part of the location. There you will find three chests on all three floors.

From there go a bit to the south and take two chests from a building near the large tree. One of them can be found in the attic, and the second one right near the counter on the ground floor.

Lastly, go all the way up to the bridge and there you will find two more chests. As you see, there are a lot of options here, so you should be able to complete this week's challenge rather quickly.


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Published Aug. 22nd 2018

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