Mass Effect: Reborn Mod Being Remastered for Homeworld: Remastered

Mass Effect is not getting a new game, but it is getting a mod for the space RTS Homeworld: Remastered. Originally was a mod for Homeworld 2, but is now being remastered.

Have you ever wanted to play Mass Effect as a space RTS? If you do, you're in luck because the Mass Effect: Reborn mod is being remastered for the Homeworld Remastered Collection.

What is Mass Effect: Reborn?

Originally a mod for Homeworld 2, and created by Phoenix Interactive, Mass Effect: Reborn pits you against the Reapers, if you chose to. Allowing you to build alliances with whoever you want, even with the Reapers, if you side with the Illusive Man. However, maybe due to modding limitations or the mod being rushed, it didn't have that Mass Effect feel to it, that is not to say it wasn't fun, but it wasn't Mass Effect.

The ModDB page reads,

"It looked like it was just Homeworld with Mass Effect ships, which is not what we seek. We want Mass Effect: Reborn to be a truly Mass Effect experience. That is what the fan-base is about, but we are fans, and we are doing this for other ones."

Having never played Homeworld for more than one hour, due to the disk breaking, and now owning the Homeworld Remastered Collection I suddenly feel the need to jump in and learn how the game works. To learn Homeworld, and really find out what it is beyond that one hour, which I really did enjoy. I love the Mass Effect universe, and getting hold of as much Mass Effect as I can is a good thing. Merging the fun I've had with both series sounds like a triple win.

Phoenix Interactive have also worked on two other sci-fi universes, Battlestar Galactica, and Stargate, with the mods Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander and Stargate Space Conflict. Both of these are also being remastered.

There is no news on a release date other than the now-past February date. In the meantime, check out these beautiful 8k images.

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Published Mar. 27th 2015

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