Soulstice: Unity and Synergy Explained

Unity and Synergy Attacks are two elements you'll need to be familiar with in Soulstice if you want to come out on top of the game's challenging battles.

Soulstice's combat system is built around the idea of controlling two different characters at the same time, and that opens up some interesting abilities in the process. While you mostly control the older sister Briar, the bond between the two manifests in a mechanic known as Unity, which in turn lets you use Synergy attacks.

While the game does have a short tutorial on these systems, it can be a bit difficult to understand everything, so we'll help explain exactly how Unity and Synergy work in this Soulstice guide. 

How Unity and Synergy Work

If you look at the top right corner of your screen, you'll see a visual representation of Unity, with two portraits of Briar and Lute. While there technically isn't a Unity gauge in Soulstice, it's a mechanic that's constantly fluctuating as you battle. 

Unity increases as you:

  • Land attacks.
  • Block successfully.
  • Avoid enemy attacks.

As your Unity increases the two portraits will grow closer, until they finally merge into one image. At the same time, any time you take damage your Unity will decrease

Higher Unity will make Lute more useful in battle. Lute will be able to attack faster or block more enemy attacks with higher Unity, so your goal is to keep it up as much as possible during battle. 

Synergy Attacks, on the other hand, are special attacks that you can use when your Unity is high enough. Initially, you'll only be able to use one Synergy attack with the Ashen Vindicator Greatsword, and you'll need to unlock additional Synergy attacks in Lute's upgrade menu. When the Unity portraits are filled up and glowing gold, you can perform a Synergy attack by pressing X or Square twice, waiting, and then four more times to end the combo. 

What is Rapture in Soulstice?

The final aspect of Unity is what's called Rapture, a beastlike mode that Briar enters, significantly boosting her attack and speed. You'll unlock Rapture automatically about a third of the way through Soulstice, but you can only enter Rapture when your Unity gauge is full, and the two portraits of Lute and Briar have merged into one. 

To enter Rapture press both triggers (L2+R2 or LT+RT) at the same time. While in Rapture, you can use the normal attack buttons to unleash attacks, but a powerful finishing move can be used to end the mode. To use the finishing move, watch the gauge in the bottom left corner, and once the gauge has closed in on the icon you'll see L2+R2 or LT+RT appear. Immediately press the buttons to use a finisher and exit Rapture. 

In boss battles or lengthier battles, there's no limit to how many times you can use Rapture, but you'll have to build your Unity from zero each time. 

That's everything you need to know about how Unity and Synergy work in Soulstice. Make sure to head over to our guides hub for any additional help you might need.


Published Sep. 29th 2022

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