Darkwood Interactive Trailer: Fight or Flee?

In Darkwood's new interactive trailer you are faced with a choice of survival: do you fight, or flee?

Darkwood is a top-down, indie, horror, roguelike, and adventure game all in one. The developers recently announced that it would be coming to Steam Early Access "sometime soon" earlier this April. However, the interactive trailer has not only made an engaging first impression for viewers, but has also set the Steam Early Access date in stone.

The new released trailer gives a great first impression of gameplay aspects ranging from combat, to exploration, and even to skill advancement through the use of the mutated fauna and foliage around you.

During the trailer you follow the character as they explore and eventually come across a boss fight. You are then asked to make a choice, to face your fears and fight, or to flee the scene.

"No answer will be given to you for free, yet somewhere in the woods lies the truth, an explanation to what has happened in this godforsaken place."

Regardless of which choice you make, Darkwood has an outcome for both choices. Both of these choices also have their own videos each with their own gameplay footage. If you would like to play the interactive trailer for yourself, you can start by playing the video below.

Darkwood is currently slated to hit Steam Early Access on PC, Mac, and Linus on July 24. You can visit Darkwood's site at: darkwoodgame.com.


Published Jul. 21st 2014
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