A Celebration of Some of the Most Difficult Games in History

10 crazy hard games, 1 clown, NO MERCY! 10 week-long livestream event! 2 hours to beat it or die trying!

10 crazy hard games, 1 clown, NO MERCY! 10 week-long livestream event! 2 hours to beat it or die trying!
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Lumpz the Clown Entertainment Presents…Summer Brutality 2015!

100+ degree weather, 10 brutally challenging retro/indie games, 1 clown, ZERO MERCY!

Why “Summer Brutality”?

Simple. I feel that a lot of new games hold the player’s hand, inundates them with countless tutorials and rewards them for achieving next to nothing.

I’m that kid who couldn’t afford a Nintendo Power subscription or a Game Genie. As a result, I had to learn everything myself and be the best I could be! Further, I was only allowed one rental per week, and I had to make it count!

So what happened when I’d inadvertantly pick a brutally challenging game? I’d have to get better in order to further the experience!

And the best part? I learned to ENJOY the challenge!

Bottom line: A lot of us have forgotten that playing and mastering a difficult game can be fun and rewarding in and of itself! 

And that’s the mission of Summer Brutality 2015: a celebration of difficult video games from the past and present!

Event Details

This is a 10-week long event where I take on one specific game and do my damndest to try and beat it in 2 hours! Challenge livestreams occur every Saturday on my Twitch channel, with highlights posted on YouTube within 48-72 hours. 

I’ve already played Xeodrifter, Super Castlevania IVand Contra, with seven more to come! Check out the Game List to see what else is in the pipeline.


Featured games and times are subject to change.

Final announcements for the next game and time are made on my Twitter and Facebook accounts by 7PM EST! 

For and powered by the good folks of the gaming community!

Thanks for stopping by! Lumpz the Clown OUT!

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