Adorably Heartbreaking Pokémon Update

New Video Shows Off Mimikyu’s Rapping Skills and Wish For Friends
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A new video from the Official Pokémon YouTube channel has decided to make an already endearing Pokémon, Mimikyu, even more endearing by having it rap about its loneliness and desire for friends.

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Mimikyu, the Ghost/Fairy type was introduced earlier this year, jumping to the top of a lot of people’s list for favorite catchable monsters, despite the game not even being released yet. This Disguise Pokémon covers itself with cloth from an old abandoned Pikachu plush toy in the sad hope that it will be as loved as the Pokémon mascot.

What’s Mimikyu’s reasoning? Due to the huge number of Pikachu merchandise in the games world, — twenty years ago in the game’s universe, incidentally coinciding with the release of the franchise and the respective boom of Pikachu products in the real world — this led Mimikyu to believe that being a Pikachu would mean being loved.

The song itself is adorable to listen to and gives a bit of information about Mimikyu:

  • It hand-made the costume it wears.
  • It is afraid of the sun.
  • It wants to be friends with everyone.
  • Looking at its real form will curse people with an illness.

The video also showcases a few of its attacks including a claw swipe and thunder-based charge.

More information is expected before Pokemon Sun and Moon releases later this year, on November 18.

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