Beefy Smash Doods’ tutorial on how to beat Bayonetta is a necessity for competitive gamers

Beefy Smash Doods' video on Bayonetta may shed some light on how to defeat the current "banlist worthy" Smasher
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Bayonetta has been getting quite a bad reputation in the Smash Bros. community due to her wide range of true combos, seemingly overpowered “Witch Time” counter, and various other grievances. This has actually resulted in some major competitive Smash Bros. tournaments considering banning the Umber Witch from their tourneys.

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Thankfully, YouTube channel Beefy Smash Doods has released a new tutorial on the weaknesses Bayonetta has in order to level the playing field. Beefy Smash Doods is already known for their surplus of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS coverage ranging from technique demonstration videos, highlight reels, and combo compilations. Every tutorial has on-screen controller explanations, and this video is no different.

Hopefully the anti-Bayonetta tutorial will help the Spanish competitive scene – as well as future Smash Bros. tournaments – realize that maybe the character isn’t as overpowered as she seems. That said, the development team that started balancing characters starting with Diddy Kong last year hasn’t done anything yet. Whether this is due to the game being “complete” or their own beliefs that the character is balanced remains to be seen.

What do you think about this tutorial? Do you think it’s enough to get Bayonetta to stay on the playable roster in competitive play? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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