Blizzard releases “Harbingers: Illidan” short just in time for Legion’s release

Blizzard releases a new video in the "Harbingers" series, this time centered on Illidan Stormrage and his band of Demon Hunters.

Just in time for World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion Legion comes a brand new animated video in the “Harbingers” series. This one focuses on none other than Illidan, the central character of the Legion expansion and his attack on the demon lord Azgoth along with a group of newly created Demon Hunters. 

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We are introduced to a young female elf and we see how the Burning Legion made her life hell, killing her family and spurring her to make the decision to become a Demon Hunter. As this image shows, becoming a Demon Hunter is a painful process, certainly not for the faint of heart. 

“You wish to know the difference between demons and us?” Is the main question asked in this animated short.The answer is not given lightly, and takes a difficult lesson to learn. 

This video acts as an introduction to what will become the Demon Hunter class in Legion as well as a fantastic piece of new lore. Viewers learn why the Demon Hunters wear the blindfolds, and we see just what they are capable of in combat. The art-style of the animation feels rather like a comic book, or perhaps a manga given the softer lines and muted color scheme. It also gives Illidan some much-needed characterization beyond a man seeking vengeance. He is shown as empathetic towards his Illidari, his warrior group. 

As seen above, Illidan cuts a striking figure in this animation style alongside his Illidari. It was quite thrilling to watch the combat between the Demon Hunters and the monstrous creatures they faced. It is a very cinematic piece despite being only a few minutes long. However it does what it sets out to do; develop the backstory of the Legion expansion and show off what its newest class can bring to the table. 

Overall, Blizzard does a great job with this animated work, showing off beautiful animation and character designs. The voice acting is also top-notch, with Liam O’Brian reprising his role as Illidan Stormrage. It feels good to hear that voice again, as Illidan hasn’t been a major focus of World of Warcraft in a long time. It’s great to see an iconic character also become the major player in the Legion expansion pack. 

 What do you think about the newest “Harbingers” short? Let me know in the comments!

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