Blur Studio’s Amazing Animation Reel

Blur Studios animation will leave you speechless

Blur Studios animation will leave you speechless
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Blur Studio has been creating award-winning visual effects, design and animation since 1995. It was founded by David Stinnett, Tim Miller and Cat Chapman.

When I first saw this reel my jaw hit the floor, I was completely blown away with their ability to blur the lines between real life and animation. I also had no idea just how many games and cinematic trailers they have created for the gaming industry. They’re responsible for the Batman: Arkham City, Arkham Knight and Arkham Origins cinematic trailers. They’ve also worked on commercial spots for Halo, Star Wars, and Assassin’s Creed. Blur Studio is no joke.

How many games do you recognize in the reel?

The song is “Rebirth” by Two Steps From Hell. You can listen to it on SoundCloud here.



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