Epic ESL Hearthstone Match Between Kitkatz vs Thijs

We now have all of 2015 to try to top this play.

We now have all of 2015 to try to top this play.

The recent ESL Legendary Series gave us one of the biggest and most unprobable plays in competitive Hearthstone: Sneed’s Old Shredder yielded 3 Kel’Thuzad cards for Kitkatz over two games in the same series.

First combo is at 0:11.

Second combo is at 2:08.

Third combo is at 3:17.

For those not in the know:

When Sneed’s Old Shredder dies, it summons a random legendary minion (there are 62 legendary minions). Kel’Thuzad is a special legendary that revives all friendly minions that died at the end of each turn it is alive. The combo: Sneed dies, summons Kel’Thuzad who revives Sneed. Rinse and repeat, apparently!

With the number of legendary cards in the game, this precise combo has a 0.026% chance of occurring and the triple combo has a 0.00042% chance, according to the video. And the fact it happened live during a tournament? Absolutely priceless.

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