EVO 2015 competitor loses by celebrating too early

Learn your lesson kids, never celebrate a 'sure thing'.

Learn your lesson kids, never celebrate a 'sure thing'.

You know all the “Not Top 10” highlights of those poor souls who lose because they celebrate too early? The ones that are usually either painfully hilarious or devastating to watch based on your what your perspective is?

Well, it happened during a match from EVO 2015 this past weekend.

The game was Guilty Gear Xrd and the two that were facing off against each other were Woshige and Ogawa. Throughout the match, Ogawa was the heavy favorite and he showed it by winning the first round of the match. However, Woshige did comeback and win the second round and… well, that was the problem. Right after Woshige won the second round he starts celebrating like he won the whole tournament, and Ogawa recognizes this opportunity by punishing Woshige.

Ogawa went on to win the whole tournament, and at least Woshige didn’t do too badly finishing third in the losers bracket. Hey, if anything at least Woshige just got put into the history books in being part of one of the greatest moments in eSports history… or worse, take it as you may.


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