Fallout 4 Mods Are Live On Xbox–Here Are The Ones You Should Try

Admit it. You've always wanted to see the Macho Man running around as a Deathclaw.
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Mods make every game great. Whether it’s by adding lightsabers “lazer swords” or by turning the baddest, meanest enemies of the game into the baddest, meanest wrestler of all time, brother, mods add a level of flavor, immersion or fun to the vanilla game you couldn’t find otherwise.

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Since Mods (ported over from the PC version) went live for Fallout 4 earlier this week, plenty of people have been trying to separate the good among the bad, and the useful from the useless. Still, they are plenty of mods that are more concerned with fun than they are with practicality. 

The crew over at OutsideXbox were nice enough to assemble a few of their favorites and put them together for you preview before you load them up on your own.

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