Halo 5 Gets Its Weakest DLC REQ Drop Yet

I realize when the content is free who am I to complain but...more warthog skins? Seriously?

Maybe you’re not like me and you LOVE warthogs in Halo 5. Personally, I loathe them. Like all Halo games, proper use of the warthog has its time and place but whenever I roll a random vehicle in Warzone I say a little prayer that it’s not a warthog and it almost always turns out to be one. At this point I’d just as soon cash all my REQ points in for some kind of drop that made certain I never drew a warthog ever the hell again. But hey, that’s just me. 

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However, if you’re a big fan of warthogs this Halo go-around then the new Hog Wild DLC REQ Drop that released Tuesday, May 31st has you covered. It comes with the usual assortment of new weapons skins and some armor variants but the real meat of this drop comes in the form of some new ‘hogs as well as vehicle skins. 

I’ll admit the Needler Hog looks pretty cool and a faster firing Rocket Hog is always welcome but that Rally Hog looks like more of the same skin REQ drops I’ll have to wade through on my way to loftier items. 

Whether you’re stoked for this pack or feeling pretty “meh” like myself, we’re now only a month out from the release of the next pack that promises the delivery of sweet, sweet Warzone Firefight and I damn sure can’t wait for that!


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