How to Play Camille

How to play League of Legends latest champion, Camille.

How to play League of Legends latest champion, Camille.

So you want to play Camille in League of Legends?

Camille is the latest champion designed by Riot games, hesitantly said to be available to play Wednesday the 14th of December. Camille has been advertised by Riot as an ultra precise Fighter. To check her out I went on the The Public Beta Environment (PBE) to play some games and get a feel for her.

Riot didn’t disappoint with their champion design. Her kit flows nicely together and feels great when you play her. Her mechanics are easy to pick up and they give you that feel-good factor when you pull off her combos. Furthermore, she can be played both in the Top lane and the Jungle due to her kit and play style fitting both roles.

Her Kit, however, feels too strong. She has so many different utilities that, while it’s easy enough to play, it seems almost impossible to beat her. Let me explain.

Camille has:

  • 2 Shields (when using the Courage of the Colossus mastery)
  • A Move Speed steroid
  • A True damage proc
  • A 90% Slow
  • A % of Max HP heal (which is AoE)
  • An Escape
  • An Engage
  • An AoE Stun
  • Talon’s unique ‘Parkour’ ability
  • An Attack Speed steroid
  • A fizz troll pole (Fizz E) mechanic (where you are untargetable)
  • An AoE Displacement
  • An Auto attack steroid

You tell me if that sounds ridiculous… or awesome. Due to this absolutely stacked Kit, she is incredibly fun to play, especially when you get a little more comfortable with her. But the big question on everyone’s mind is: Is she balanced?

Check out this video to find out.

If you need more help with Camille, or tips on how to keep her from beating you in lane, check out our quick video guide to beating Camille in League of Legends

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